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Hire a Certified Salesforce Consultant with strong Business background and Sales Operations Expertise


Why choose
oxell consult?

Proven track record of 12+years of hands-on experience in various sales roles. Great level of understanding of the obstacles Sales Executives and their teams face in their daily work and the ability to eliminate those obstacles by putting proper processes in place. By choosing to work with us, you will work with one of the long-time trusted advisors of international Sales Executive Leaders and their cross-cultural teams.

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  • Salesforce Certified Administrator

  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

  • Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist

  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

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  • Did you go through a bad Salesforce implementation that left you with CRM system that does not fit your business model?

  • Are your internal teams avoiding to use Salesforce because they say it slows them down in their day to day job?

  • Is your system cluttered with bad data and you simply can’t trust it ?


If answer is yes then Let’s Talk


Salesforce Implementation:

  • Worked on a number of different Salesforce projects with clients coming from different industries such as Healthcare, Education &  Non-Profit

  • Flows and process automation

  • Implementation of Approval Processes

  • Data clean up and migration

  • Integration of Salesforce with Outreach,Pardot and Jira

  • Implementation of Dashboards and Reporting

Pardot Implementation:

  • Led several Pardot Implementation projects

  • Trained clients on using the delivered Pardot Solution

  • Improved internal marketing processes by utilizing Pardot Automation tools

  • Established tailor-made marketing journeys using Engagement Studio

  • Worked with internal marketing teams in planning and executing automated marketing campaigns

Sales Operations:

  • 12+ years of experience in the Corporate world

  • Worked in Porsche SE company as Sales Operations Manager

  • Identified need for a Sales Operations Department

  • Established Sales Operations Department from ground up 

  • Liaison between Top Management and Worldwide Sales Regions

  • Led Sales Process improvement project and Salesforce CRM Implementation

  • Defined Sales KPI’s and implemented them in Salesforce CRM

  • Led Sales Pipeline Review Calls

Salesforce Quickstart

We will customize the system to your specific business needs. No development is needed.


We will quickly onboard your marketing team into the platform and have them up and ready to immediately start their marketing campaigns.


Turn repetitive day-to-day tasks into automated processes. We will build tailor-made solutions for you to have your team successful on the platform.


We seek to establish powerful partnerships with Salesforce Consultancies and Independent Industry experts. Let us be an extension of your Salesforce internal team or your partner on an upcoming project.

If interested feel free to connect.



Who's behind


Hi my name is Anamaria and I am the founder and the driving force behind OXELL Consult. 

I started my career in my home country Croatia at the age of 19 working as a call center agent and managing customer complaints. It is there where I learned the importance of accountability and problem-solving skills. 


From there I moved into sales where I have held various sales positions across many different industries such as insurance brokerage, SaaS, automotive, and machine tool manufacturing. Thus, acquiring a deep understanding of the sales processes in various industries.


I continued my sales career in Germany where I lived and worked for 7 years. In my last role working as Sales Operations Specialist in a Porsche SE company I discovered my passion for improving sales processes. 


In this role I have built the Sales Operations Department from the ground up.It was there where I strengthened my interest in Salesforce CRM and all the ways it can bring transparency to Sales Leadership while at the same time making Sales Managers day to day work easier. 


Working side by side with high-level executives and always being highly independent and proactive in my work, I positioned myself as a liaison and close advisor of many International C-suite Experts. 


Being faced with many difficult challenges both privately and professionally I became a proactive problem solver. I will take different routes and often unconventional and unique approaches to solve problems that come my way. Working with me you will work with a very self-aware individual that holds herself to the highest standards of work. You can count on my excellent performance and top-level results. 


I am skilled to work with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. Working fully remotely, I’m available for cooperation with global teams across multiple time zones. 


​If you want to bring me onboard of your next Salesforce or Pardot project feel free to contact me. 

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